Last Update : 22/11/2020 07:30

Welcome to The Clanning Hubs official website!


What is The Clanning Hub?


The Clanning Hub is a place where all clanners can come together to help grow their own clans or simply increase their own skill.

We revolve entirely around our Discord server which allows you to post advertisements, recruit and best of all; speak with the rest of the community.

If you would like to join our Discord server you can do so via the code "rxZQZ4M6Kj". Full code: https://discord.gg/rxZQZ4M6Kj


We offer a variety of things to help clans such as:

- A banlist to be used in your games that will automatically kick any exploiters/degenerates

- A Tier List that will provide enough information for you to know how you can improve your clan

- Discord channels that will help you grow your clans

- Access to post advertisements directly to the website



Tier List



The Administration Team


The Administration Team is who runs The Clanning Hub. It is made up of users that control a key area.


The current Administrators and their key tasks will be listed below.


Virtual: General Management/Overseer.

Xegic: General Management.

Sidonic: In charge of the Clan Committee + Justice Panel.

Noble: Assists with the management of the Justice Panel and Clan Committee.

Actual: Oversees the Moderators and Senior Moderators.

Bledaq: Affiliations Manager.


What is the Novus Bot?


The Novus Bot is what we use as a "Personal Database" as such. You are able to use commands such as n!search [Username] to see if someone is a known exploiter or not.

The Justice Panel of The Clanning Hub are able to add/remove any cases via the Bot. This allows TCH to be fully automated, unlike many other communities.


If you would like to add the Novus Bot, you can do so by clicking here.


Tier List


Our Tier List is created by the Clan Commitee. These are individuals that work with The Clanning Hub to ensure that each clan is given a fair, non-biased rating.


We give the ratings based on 5 key factors: 

- Skill = How good a clan is in terms of what players they have/how many wins they gain.

- Activity = How many events are actually hosted in a month.

- Development = How advanced a clans Development is, how many forts do they have etc.

- Structure = How much documentation does the clan have, do they have specific fort rules etc.

- Community = How active is their Discord server, do they engage their community with giveaways and stuff like that.


All of these 5 factors are given a rating out of 10. This then makes the maximum score that they can get 50.


The Tier List itself is split into 4 Tiers. Tier 1 being the highest.


Tier 1 = 40+ Points.

Tier 2 = 30+ Points.

Tier 3 = 20+ Points.

Tier 4 = 0-20 Points.


The Tier List is updated every month by the Clan Committee.




This page allows group HRs to easily find events for the group. They can find forts, fairzones, prefloodable places all with ease.


You can filter the lists by:


- Searching for an exact forts name

- Searching for a group

- Filter by the times they are open. 

- Differentiate between forts and fairzones.


This is entirely so that groups can find events with ease.